23 RV Hacks & Upgrade Ideas that will Make you a Happy Camper

Best RV Hacks & Upgrade Ideas. The days are getting closer to the time for a summer vacation, or maybe you’ve started it. One of the things that sometimes comes to mind when preparing for all the needs during the holidays is the lack of places to store things if we vacation by using RV or Camper Van. And even sometimes the items we have bought and planned to be used during the holidays, can not be brought due to lack of space.

And if we are smart to take advantage of certain parts of RV or Camper Van, we can bring all the equipment we have or even sometimes less equipment to be brought because there are still many parts or storage is still empty.

We can make own modifications to the RV we have without the help of a craftsman or an expert to create storage. And also we must be smart in making storage so that other people do not know or do not think that it is a place of storage.

As well as under the couch we can use as a storage place our necessities, behind the RV door we can use as a place to hang something. Or behind the RV bathroom door, we can put hanging storage for soap, shampoo, toothpaste and other bathroom necessities.

RV Basement Chair Storage
RV Basement Chair Storage

How are you still confused about how to create hidden storage in your RV ? We have a way to create beautiful and hidden storage and definitely useful for you as a family.

Finally, enjoy the 2017 summer vacation, hopefully you enjoy and enjoy it and make sure no goods you are not carried away just because less storage.

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