43+ Best Hack Airstream Trailer Interior Ideas For Your Holiday 2017

In developed countries many types of transportation or private vehicles are used during the holidays, especially summer holidays. RV Trailer and Camper Van is a kind of mobile home that is familiar to us, because it is often we encounter in the way of interstate or tourist places such as campground in America.

And there is one more similar vehicle that is Airstream Trailer. Airstream Trailer is one of the United States brand caravan. Unlike the caravan or camper, the Airstream trailer is very easy to spot where the caravan has a capsule-like model on both sides of the top (rounded) and also coated with aluminum coachwork.

And no different from RV and Camper Van, Airstream trailer also has the same interior equipped with kitchen, bed, bathroom and there is a living room if possible. But as we said above the main characteristic is to have a rounded model and coated with aluminum plate or aluminum stainless.

Modern Gypsy Airstream Interior
Modern Gypsy Airstream Interior

We try to collect some of the best interior designs from this Airstream Trailer that we display below:

Are you interested in traveling this summer vacation 2017 with Airstream trailer?

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