55+ Astonishing Fairy Garden Stump Design Ideas You Must Have It!

Having a house with a large yard will certainly be very enjoyable because we can take home yard for something useful like gardening by planting low plants, vegetables, flowers and various other useful plants.

Or if we have a yard, we can use it to make a fairy garden on a tree or a fallen tree trunk. And this is a great idea, your kids will be happy with the existence of fairy garden stump in your yard.

And now discarding the rest of the fallen tree is not a good idea, and as we described above if we can take advantage of the fallen tree trunk as a fairy garden stump. Or if you want to try to build a fairy garden stump you can cut the existing tree yard of your house and let it 1 – 2 meters trunk.

Tree Stump Gnome Fairy House
Tree Stump Gnome Fairy House

As for the design idea to create a fairy garden stump, we have more than 55 beautiful fairy garden stump collection, and amazing beauty and easy to make. Curious how the design of fairy garden stump? Take a look the pictures below :

What do you think, beautiful right? Let’s beautify your home by building a fairy garden stump in your yard.

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