50+ Absolutely Modern Building Architecture

The world is getting more advanced and modern. Not surprisingly, the architect of the current building more beautiful, unique and sometimes unexpected. Because the buildings that exist today seemed to exist only in fantasy only. Imagine a skyscraper now we can find everywhere, and also the architect of the building that is applied if only in a dream.

Unusual Architecture
Unusual Architecture

As we know, there are buildings tower twin Petronas in Malaysia, Taipei 101 skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa has 209 floors, Central World Mall in Bangkok Thailand, Aeroport in Dubai, Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 3, The Venetian Macao, the Central Park Jakarta Indonesia and the Palazzo which is building a hotel and Casino in the United States.

All these buildings are brilliant ideas that exist in today’s modern world, which is probably a dream 10 years ago and it is impossible to be realized. But with advances in technology so fast, all the magnificent buildings and skyscrapers can be realized is difficult to think logically.

Here More than 60 buildings with Arsitektut Modern hard to believe but actually there :

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